our video CAll is only S$0.5/min

Call anyone you interested with only 50 cent Singapore dollar.


As our incentive program to facilitate communication between users, we are glad to announce our limited time offer to give out 30% commission for call receiver.

VIP Subscription S$8.98/Month

  • Actively contact anyone they like
  • Have more chance to appear on top of the list and get contacted by other users
  • Prioritize calling through better calling lines

How do you receive your payment ?

You will receive your payment directly into your provided payment receiving information such as personal bank account, western union or e-wallet. Our admin will contact you to collect those information.

How long will it take to receive my payment?

Payment request is available at beginning of the month, you will receive your payment after 5 to 7 working days, depend on receiving method, after complete the payment request.

Can I increase my COMMISION FEE?

You can increase your commission fee by requesting our admin or we will auto adjust your rate card according to your demand. We will add feature to allow user to adjust their commission fee at will in the near future.

What is a reference code and what can I get from referring people?

Reference code is unique to each activated account. By inviting people to use Honey Asia via your reference code, you will able to receive extra payment from call receiver at 10% and caller at 5% of their monthly receiving(10%)/spending(5%).


Thousands of Asian gents and ladies awaits!